graphic design, product design, user experience, user interface

Project : Chirp is a concept for an app. To be designed for both iOS and Android, the design is kept agnostic with respect to user experience. The idea is not to make it a Twitter client but a Twitter add-on. It enables the user to type 280 characters and customise the aesthetic of the tweet. 

I'm currently looking for front-end developers for both Operating Systems to collaborate with and bring this concept to fruition.

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The user post sign in types out the tweet which forms a card. Tweet now, or customise it. 

The user can choose the font colour and background colour. The background is always a gradient with two colours. The second colour is dynamic, changing to match the value of the first colour selected. Choosing the second colour seperately overrides the value and the gradient is achieved. 

Happy with the final card? Just click 'send' and your tweet is posted on your behalf with the card as an attachment. To enable tagging, values attached to '@' and '#' are sent as the string content for the tweet.


“Speak clearly if you speak at all, carve every word before you let it fall” 

Oliver Wendell Holmes